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Saadey CM Saab Punjabi Movie Review

Saadey CM Saab Punjabi Movie Review

Saadey CM Saab Punjabi Movie Review

Review: Saadey CM Saab has finally released after it was pushed ahead of it’s previous release date of October 30. I didn’t understand the point of delaying the film then because frankly speaking a ‘BAD FILM’ remains ‘BAD’ no matter whenever it releases. I am pretty much disappointed after watching Saade CM Saab because the makers pitched the film as something else and it turned out to be something else. They did not stick to one aspect. The plots were continuously shifting and never stuck to a point. Saadey CM Saab Punjabi Movie Review

Coming to the story, it has been penned by the producer Sumeet Singh Manchanda himself and frankly the story lacks meat here. The story which provides for the base of the film was not at all strong and could not lay a solid foundation for the film. And making things worse was the screenplay, which was penned together by 5 writers: Rajan Khera, Shekhar Gupta, Rajiv Thakur, Balraj Syal, Surmeet Maavi. There is a saying that ‘Too many cooks spoil the party’ and this is what happened here. The screenplay could not provide a vision to the film which it badly needed since the story was baseless. There were no polling sequences shown. The makers did not bother to show of how Yudhvir became the CM, how he won the elections when he literally did not remember anything, when did he take the oath, etc.


Hats off to Vipin Parashar for his unbelievable direction work in the movie. Political based movie is not easy to make and shoot where audience enjoyed a lot and engaged without fail. Suspense was the foremost thing which makes film sound in any sphere. After interval you will see something amazed on screen.


Tittle song of film ‘Saadey CM saab’ and religious track ‘Aad Sach – Jugaad Sach’ in included in top 5 song list whereas you will see different varieties of songs in the movie which are sung by ‘Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’ and Harshdeep Kaur. background Music of the movie is according to a story.

Why watch Saadey CM Saab?

If you want to see hidden faces of Politicians or if you have a Good interest in Politics then no movie is better than Saadey CM Saab Go and watch a movie at your nearest cinema.

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